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The title of ‘Senior Consultant’ can be one that is thrown around like confetti in some recruitment agencies.

I first became a Senior Consultant when I was twenty-three with about nine months recruitment experience. I think the only aspect that could be senior about me was that I was the second-most experienced person in the eight person team, after my boss.

What do you need to do to genuinely earn the title of Senior Consultant’?

Here’s what I think:

RESULTS: At least two years of being a top biller (the context of top biller is market, company and team dependent). You will have generated these results primarily on the back of client accounts that you have won, or substantially developed from a low base. As part of your results, you have an outstanding job fill ratio, which for a temp or contract recruiter would be at least 85% and for a perm recruiter at least 60%

CREDIBILITY (with clients): 75% or more of the jobs you work on are retained or exclusive jobs. You decline jobs that are not in your niche area or are not offered on terms that are profitable for you.

CREDIBILITY (with candidates): You rarely need to run ads for your jobs as you have a steady stream of high calibre candidates consistently referred to you by other highly satisfied candidates.

CREDIBILITY (with colleagues): You treat your colleagues, regardless of position or seniority, with respect. Within the appropriate boundaries of your responsibilities you are happy to assist them and understand the importance of working as part of a team. You are a walking example of the company values and ethics.

RAINMAKER: You consistently bring in, and develop relationships with, high quality clients that benefit not just you but also your colleagues and ultimately become company-wide (or at least divisional) key accounts.

It’s not a long list but it doesn’t it need to be. If you’re a person that can fulfill all five criteria, then you definitely deserve the title of Senior Consultant.

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